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Updated 10-20-14

House Education Study Committee on the Role of Federal Government in Education

The next study committee hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, October 21 at 10:00 a.m. in Gainesville. We will post all details when they are sent out from the offices of Chairman Coleman and Chairman Rogers.

Click here for the agenda for the meeting.
UNG Gainesville Campus
3820 Mundy Mill Road, Oakwood, GA


Updated 9-27-24
Milledgeville hearing
The video and presentations from the Milledgeville hearing on the Role of Federal Government in Education has been uploaded and is accessible. Click here for the presentation. 

List of speakers:
Tanya Ditty, State Director, Concerned Women for America of Georgia
Topic: Common Core: State and National Update

Jane Robbins, Esq., American Principles Project
Topic: Origins and Nature of Common Core: Correcting the Record

*Joy Pullmann, Education Research Fellow, Heartland Institute
Topic: How Common Core Development and Adoption Violates Constitutional Principles

*Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Professor Emerita, Department of Education Reform, University of Arkansas
Topic: My Experience on the Common Core Validation Committee; Problems With the English Language Arts Standards

*Dr. James Milgram, Emeritus Professor, Department of Mathematics, Stanford University
Topic: My Experience on the Common Core Validation Committee; Problems With the Math Standards

*Richard Innes, Education Analyst, Bluegrass Institute
Topic: Inevitable Problems and Exorbitant Costs of the Georgia Milestones Test – The Kentucky Experience; How Common Core Violates the Rules of Good Standards

Steve Rummelsberg – Teacher, English Language Arts
Topic: My Experience With Common Core Training; How Common Core Conflicts With True Education

In March of this year, the Georgia House of Representatives passed H.R. 550. The resolution creates a House Study Committee on the Role of Federal Government in Education.  Speaker David Ralston recently sent out this press release on the formation of the committee.  

We urge you attend the study committee meeting.



Over two and half years ago, a groundswell of support began growing all across this state to withdraw Georgia from the Common Core standards, national tests and the intrusive data-tracking system. This past March, the state legislature failed to pass SB 167, and, as a result, Georgia continues to align itself with the national standards and testing movement, In addition, the collection and tracking of student data by the Georgia Department of Education and private vendors goes unabated.  

We must continue to fight against the reckless decision of Georgia’s former governor to shackle Georgia’s students to unvetted and untested standards.  The State Board of Education and the House Education Study Committee on the Role of Federal Government in Education are hosting hearings over the next three months. Take action today by attending the meetings and speaking out against the Common Core.  Citizens can sign up to speak, and we highly encourage you to do so.

The State Board of Education (SBOE) is holding hearings on the Common Core in each congressional district. The meeting for each district is announced in the legal organs of each county two weeks prior to the meeting.  Citizens are encouraged to sign up to speak at the meetings. 

Click here for the meeting dates/times.   
Updated 8-5-14

Nationwide Conference Call Alert: Rollout of the New AP (anti)U.S. History Curriculum Framework 

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) in partnership with American Principles in Action hosted a nationwide conference call concerning the rollout of the new Advanced Placement U.S. History Curriculum Framework (APUSH) and exam.

Click here to access the archived recording of the conference call, action items and resources.

Click here for an update on Georgia specific actions.

Without state pushback, this new APUSH Curriculum Framework will go into effect this fall (2014). Without state pushback, APUSH teachers may have to ignore their own state’s U.S. History standards if they hope to prepare their students for success on the new APUSH exam – which will NOT cover material outside the new Framework.

New AP U.S. History exam - what is the College Board hiding?

AP U.S. History teachers who received the new sample history test must accept the following conditions set forth by the College Board:

"Exams may NOT be posted on school or personal websites, nor electronically redistributed for any reason. Further distribution of these materials outside of the secure College Board site disadvantages teachers who rely on uncirculated questions for classroom testing. Any  additional distribution is in violation of the College Board's copyright policies and may result in the termination of Practice Exam access for your school as well as the  removal of access to other online services such as the AP Teacher Community and Online Score Reports."
The Cobb County GOP hosted a State School Superintendent Forum on June 7, 2014.

Click to watch the forum.

For your convenience, we have provided a list of the questions and the approximate response time for each question.
Click to download the questions.
Current News

Georgia writers

Mary Grabar PhD is an English professor, speaker, and writer who lives outside Atlanta. She writes at DissidentProf.com.

    Leslie McPherson
    Centralized Education, April 13, 2014, The Times-Georgia

    The legislative session may be over, but our message remains the same.
    Open Letter to Governor Deal
    Click to read the letter.

    Wrap-up for the 2014 legislative session.

            Click to read.

    Update - April 14, 2014

    Current Georgia news:

    Georgia Lawmaker Can’t Answer Her Own Question about Common Core (i.e., Rep. Amy Carter –R, Valdosta), April 5, 2014, Heartland.org

    More Dubious Pre-K Science, April 2, 2014, Brookings (article about Georgia Pre-K) 

    Where's The Common Ground in Common Core?, November 12, 2013, GPB

                  Hundreds descend on the State Capitol to rally against the Common Core!


    to Georgia's Stop Common Core web site.  This site will focus specifically on the efforts to eradicate the Common Core in Georgia. Stay informed on national efforts on defeating the Common Core at stopcommoncore.com.

    If you’ve never heard of Common Core (relabeled the “Common Core Georgia Performance Standards” in Georgia), it’s a nationwide initiative designed to herd states into national K-12 standards and national tests – which ultimately will lead to a national curriculum and silence curriculum input from local parents, taxpayers, and educators.

    Proponents insist that the Common Core initiative is “state-led” and “voluntary,” and that the national standards are “rigorous,” “internationally benchmarked,” and designed to make our students “college-and career-ready.” They also insist that Georgia is not relinquishing control over its standards and curriculum by adopting Common Core, and that the federal government is not controlling this effort. In fact, none of these statements is accurate. This website will show you the truth.

    Our Purpose:
    1. To equip our Georgia neighbors and fellow citizens with accurate knowledge about the national effort to seize control over curriculum standards in all 50 states.
    2. To provide Georgia citizens the tools and an action plan to defeat the Common Core State Standards in Georgia.
    3. To provide a forum where Georgians can share information about the Common Core and network together for a unified effort to restore local and state control over the curriculum.