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Gwinnett County Citizens Pushing Back Against Common Core, APUSH, Curriculum and Textbooks

Updated 1-26-15

Concerned parents and grandparents have banded together to expose anti-American curriculum and textbooks being used in the Gwinnett County public schools. Over the past two months, citizens have spoken before the Gwinnett County School Board and have met personally with board members and Gwinnett members of the state legislature. These activists refuse to stand on the sidelines while education decision makers push their progressive agenda on our children.

Push back against APUSH makes front page news! 
The diligent work of concerned parents and grandparents in Gwinnett county has caught the attention of the media. Click here to read the front page cover story "US history battles flares in classrooms" in the January 16, 2015 edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Great job!

Click here for online access. You have to have a subscription to read entire story.

January 2015 School Board Meeting

Media coverage of board meeting:
School Board hears more complaints about Common Core, College Board

Gwinnett County citizens presented before the school board on the following topics. 
1. Judy Craft – ELA - Collaboration - Click to view presentation.
Addresses how the constant book references to “ Share with a Partner”  seen in ELA texts come directly from the Common Core goal for a  21st Century Classroom as implemented through the standard of “Collaboration” and the threat of forcing “Group Think”.

2. Ken Craft – ELA-Myth- Click to view presentation.
ELA Myth. Traces the ‘effects’ of liberal/biased ELA textbooks back to the root “cause” - adoption of Common Core and reveals the full Common Core / Literacy definition which actually includes Social Studies, History, Science etc. Refutes the myth that Common Core is only “English and Math”.

3. Billy Wise - APUSH and “Out of Many” text – samples of distortions. Click to view presentation.
A review of a few of the many biases in this textbook starting with the Spanish, [not English or American], slaughter of the Aztecs in Mexico [not the colonies] all the way up to modern-day revisionist history like how Gorbachev ended the Cold War ?

4. Joe Albright – APUSH text”Out of Many” - Vietnam Vet responds to ‘anti- war protest’ slant to the Vietnam chapter.  Click to view presentation.
A Vietnam Vet critiques the one-sided liberal view of the Vietnam War in the APUSH text “Out of Many” – no heroes, no appreciation or honor for vets. He shows what is missing in the book and asks for a more balanced text.

5. Bruce Duncil – APUSH – “Out of Many” text – exposes the major lie that America was founded as a “Democracy” instead of as a “Republic”. - Click to view presentation.
Analysis by Bruce Duncil. The APUSH textbook, "Out of Many" promotes the lie that America was founded as a Democracy. Bruce refutes this with the true facts that America was founded as a Republic". He asks that the book be replaced.

6. Jane Wise - Gwinnett County Common Core aligned ELA, K-12, Textbook Review - Click to view presentation.

December 2014 School Board Meeting

  • PowerPoint Presentation by Ken Craft: David Coleman and The College Board – Coleman’s vision for using data to promote College Board goals - Click to view the presentation.
  • PowerPoint Presentation by Kathy Hildebrand: Saving Our Heritage – problems with the new 2014-5 College Board Advanced Placement U.S. History [APUSH] outline.  (with credit to Jane Robbins) – Click to view the presentation.
  • Bruce Duncil – APUSH text – “Out of Many” – a critical review - A well documented and scholarly review of the many faults of the current APUSH text: ”Out of Many” including: text not tied to fact, no source documents, misrepresents Nation’s founding Principles, etc. Calls for book to be replaced.   Click to view presentation.
  • Gwinnett residents voice concerns with Advanced Placement materials, Gwinnett County Post, 12-18-14 

November 2014 School Board Meeting


At the final hearing of the House Education Study Committee on the Role of Federal Government in Education, Trevor Packer of the College Board testified in defense of the new AP U.S. History (APUSH) Curriculum and Exam.  Mr. Packer's testimony was a litany of misinformation. 

Click here to view Mr. Packer's testimony.
Click here to read the rebuttal of his testimony.

              Hundreds descend on the State Capitol to rally against the Common Core!


to Georgia's Stop Common Core web site.  This site will focus specifically on the efforts to eradicate the Common Core in Georgia. Stay informed on national efforts on defeating the Common Core at stopcommoncore.com.

If you’ve never heard of Common Core (relabeled the “Common Core Georgia Performance Standards” in Georgia), it’s a nationwide initiative designed to herd states into national K-12 standards and national tests – which ultimately will lead to a national curriculum and silence curriculum input from local parents, taxpayers, and educators.

Proponents insist that the Common Core initiative is “state-led” and “voluntary,” and that the national standards are “rigorous,” “internationally benchmarked,” and designed to make our students “college-and career-ready.” They also insist that Georgia is not relinquishing control over its standards and curriculum by adopting Common Core, and that the federal government is not controlling this effort. In fact, none of these statements is accurate. This website will show you the truth.

Our Purpose:
  1. To equip our Georgia neighbors and fellow citizens with accurate knowledge about the national effort to seize control over curriculum standards in all 50 states.
  2. To provide Georgia citizens the tools and an action plan to defeat the Common Core State Standards in Georgia.
  3. To provide a forum where Georgians can share information about the Common Core and network together for a unified effort to restore local and state control over the curriculum.